The 2022 Vintage Guitar Pandemic Boom

This was a year unlike any other. The vintage guitars in your collection are now worth more than they’ve ever been. This book focuses on why this current boom happened and why it is unlike previous ones. It also focuses on which guitars are now the best investments and which ones are rising fastest in value. The data is presented using both charts and tables. Photographs of the most important guitars are also included.

Ram W. Tuli

Now Is the Time to Buy that Vintage Guitar

The most in-depth book ever written about vintage guitars and how their values changed over time.

This book examines over 20 years of vintage guitar price trends and shows what factors affect the vintage guitar market both during good times and bad. Guitars made by the “Big Five” (Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin, and Rickenbacker) represent the bulk of this work. However, a limited sampling of other significant brands (Ampeg, B.C. Rich, Bigsby, Charvel, Danelectro, D’Angelico, Dean, Dobro, Epiphone, Guild, Hamer, Ibanez, Jackson, Kay, Kramer, Mosrite, National, PRS, Stella, Travis Bean and Vox) are also included.

Ram W. Tuli loves to share his passion for vintage guitars and amps with other collectors. This is his third “vintage instrument” book and is broader in scope than his previous books. His first book, Naked and Dimed, My Lifelong Quest for Awesome Tone (2019) examines the tone and textures of vintage Fender amps. His second book, Stratocasters and Telecasters, A Love Story (2020) examines his love for Fender’s two most iconic guitars.

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